Memberships - Batch purchase

You can batch purchase memberships for a whole batch of clients at a time. When you massively assign memberships, each person will be affiliated and charge the corresponding amount. If you do not want to charge an amount, enter $ 0 in the price of the membership (Memberships > Edit). One-time and Service fees as well as promotions linked to the program will also be invoiced to the client. As soon as you click Confirm, an automatic e-mail will be sent to the communication address of each selected person.

NOTES: Clients who already have the selected membership, with the same expiration date, will not be affiliated or invoiced again.

How to proceed? 




You have 3 search options in order to get the list of desired clients:

By Membership

Select a membership that already has members, in order to obtain it's member's list.

By activity

 First choose the program and then the desired activity, in order to obtain the list of clients registered to it.

All potential clients

By selecting this choice, you will get a list of all your active customers in the Clients module, who are not yet members (do not have an active membership) and who are not yet registered.


 Only your memberships that are active under MEMBERSHIPS > MEMBERSHIPS will appear at this step. Check the one you want to assign. You can check more than one at a time.



You will get to this step the list of your clients, according to the choice selected in step 1.

You can check the Name box to select all the persons on this page.

You will be able to deselect certain people one at a time. You can also do this manually, by checking only the desired people one at a time.

If you get more than one clients page, only the persons on the visible page will be selected.

You will have to do one page at a time for the assignment.

Once the desired persons have been checked, click on 


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