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  • Wow! This is AWESOME Team Amilia! Thank you for creating membership cards!

    One Question:

    Can our members print their own membership cards from their accounts?

    Thank you!

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  • Samantha Postlethwaite

    Hello Chilliwack ElderCollege, 

     Always a pleasure to hear from you :)   At this time, only club admins can print their member card however if you do not print the card you can always just check in the client's Membership card tab and see it there. 

    Thank you for your feedback and also for bringing to our attention the size settings of the membership card in the word document. I have forwarded your request to 

    If you have any more wonderful suggestions to help make Amilia better, please head on over to our Community and submit an enhancement request.  I'll be sure to get it :) 

    Kind Regards, 



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  • Karl Pinnock

    Is there a way to duplicate memberships or do we need to make a new one each team?

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