Print your client's profiles

Would you like to generate a 1 page summary for each of your clients? You can Print client profiles via the Clients>People tab



Obtain a printable summary page per client via the Clients>People tab.


  •  If you're looking for a specific participant, use the Search tool to find their name.
  • For a specific group of participants, Add one or more Filters. For example, filter for participants in an activity or those suffering from allergies. You can add as many filters as you want.



  • Check the Name box to select the entire list, or check specific participants one by one.
  • Once participants have been selected, click Operations>Print Profiles.


 Now it's time to select your printing preferences in the Settings window:


Forms: Use the drop-down menu to select which form information you want displayed on the client profile(s). Select All to get answers to all the questions included the participant account(s).

Page break after each person: When printing, a page break will be performed after each participant's file.

Display profile pictures: If a picture is saved in the participant's account, make it visible to print.


 Click Continue.png.

You will then be able to view the sheets before they are printed. 



If you like what you see, click on Print.png!


Information shown on the client profile is based off answers provided on client's registration Form. 


Find out more about Personalizing your Registration Forms!


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