Print your client's profiles

In order to obtain a printed page per client, according to the desired information, and to print them, you must proceed under CLIENTS> PEOPLE




  • For a specific client, you can use the Search.
  • For a specific group of participants, use one or more Filters. For example, participants in an activity or those suffering from allergies. You can add as many filters as you want.



  • Then check the Name box to select the entire list, or check the participants one by one to choose only those ones.
  • Once you have selected the participants, expand the Operations menu and choose Print Profiles.



Select your printing preferences in the Settings window that will appear.


Forms: Use the drop-down menu to select the form for which you want to obtain the information of the selected participants. Place the menu at All to get answers to all questions included in the account of these participants.

Page break after each person: When printing, a page break will be performed after each participant's file.

Display profile pictures: If a picture is saved in the participant's account, it will be visible and printed on the file.


Click on Continue.png

You will then be able to view the sheets as they are printed.


  • If it suits you, click on Print.png


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