Setting your Amilia Store parameters via the Options tab

There are several steps you must take to ensure you are ready to start accepting online registrations. One of these steps is to define your client base and specify whether or not you want to use certain Amilia modules. This is done via the Account>Options tab. 


The parameters under the Option tab

  • Type of Customers: Choose your client base if you are offering activities for adults or children;

  • Optional Modules: Select if you want to specify a skill level for activities, enable Drop-Ins and/or send calendar invitations when someone registers to an activity. You can also enable Account Reconciliations.

You can learn more about the reconciliation by reading this article : Reconciliation of Clients Accounts.

  • Visibility of the Organization: Make your organization is available online and on the E-Directory. NOTE: This is a must if you want clients to register via your Amilia Store!
  • Reservation Time: Decide how long you want a cart session to remain active for your client. By default, the cart session will time out after 30 minutes. 
  • Link to Amilia: Add some buttons on your website that will direct your clients to your Amilia Store. Click on 2017-03-09_14-51-57button.png depending on whether you want to direct clients to the Amilia website or to your Online Store.  Copy and paste into the Source code for your website. You can learn more with this article : How do I link Amilia to my site?
  • Hit 2017-03-09_12-12-27SUBMIT.png to Save!

After you have configured the appropriate parameters, be sure to toggle your accepted payment methods in the Payments tab, configure payment plans( postdated payments) in the Installments tab and add your logo in the Logo Tab.  

To find out more about the Payments Tab you can always read : Setting up Payment options.

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