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This sub-module will be used to obtain information about clients who come to your facilities, in connection with your active Memberships and Membership cards, if you use them.

You will be able to do this manually by entering the Amilia ID number in your clients' account or, if your installations allow it, to let them scan their card at the entrance.


Once activated, this sub-tab is located under






  • First create your Access Controls related to your Memberships by clicking on New_control.png


  • Specify the desired name for this Control. For example, the name of the facility.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose from the list of your active Memberships, the one or those that will be linked to this control. You can modify them at any time.

Click Save.png

You can create as many Controls as desired





It's an interactive interface to use with a scanner and ideally a mobile support, such as a tablet. It is used directly by the clients, at their entrance.

Clients scan their card in order to have the right to enter. The system will then detect if their membership is valid and if they have a balance in their account.

The client's membership card will appear on the screen. The card includes his / her name, email address, photo (if present in the client's file and activated under Memberships > Membership Cards) and the name and expiration date of his / her Membership.

We recommend that you use this scanner. It is, of course, only a suggestion:


Access granted:

A large green hook will appear in a circle on the client's membership card.


Access denied:

A large red X will appear in a circle on the client's membership card. The reason for the refusal will also be indicated prominently under the card.






This interface is intended for use by your organization's administrators to obtain information about clients who have entered your facilities for a specific period of time.

You can manually enter the Amilia number of the client or scan his member card.

By default, only the passages of the current day are displayed.

To view previous passages change the Start date or use the Add filter drop-down menu.



You will get the following information:


Status: Validity of the Membership.

Profile Picture: If a picture is saved in the client's account.

Name: Name of the holder of the Membership.

Amilia ID: The number assigned automatically to the client when creating their account and found under Clients > Account Members > Personal Info.



Expiration: The expiration date of this membership.

Expected balance: Balance in the client's account, taking into account any post-dated payments.

Date: The date and time the card was entered into the Access Control.





To learn how to set up your Memberships, in relation to the Members Cards, see the following documentation: Membership cards

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