How the home tab can be useful for you?

Firstly, sign in to your Amilia account. After that you will be on the homepage of your user interface.


We will outline each of the sections of the home page :

Quick Access :

This section allows you to see a large amount of information at a glance:

  • The link to an organization’s store
  • The balance in the account (which, if the organization allows it, you will sometimes be able to pay online by clicking on it)
  • A link to the Multi-passes of the organization
  • A button to manage this organization if you are one of the administrators of an organization
  • A button to communicate with an organization contacting you.

As detailed, this tiny section is filled with very relevant information. Sometimes, however, you may find that there are just too many organizations present and wish to delete a few. Nothing is simpler! You just have to make sure that no balance (debt or credit), or communication is pending, and additionally that no pass is present to the account in order to remove it from your Quick Access space. Simply click on the (X) at the top right of the bubble linked to the organization.

The Calendar:

The calendar section is a useful tool to organize your activities and your time. In this section, you will find each of the activities in which you are registered. You can also quickly view the ones you are not registered in to be able to add them to your list.


The calendar has many options:

1- The option to view the activities of all your organizations/ your family members or be able to select the organization or member of the account.

2- The selection of the time window according to the choice in the highlighted section 3. The button today returns us to the view of the day. The two arrows allow the navigation between the time window

3- This option offers the possibility to view by month, weekly, or weekly by list of activities that are upcoming

Quick registration to an activity by the session:

It is possible to register quickly to an activity from the calendar. To do so, click on the activity and you will be redirected to the appropriate store.



It is also possible to do the same in the section « Upcoming Activities » :



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