When to contact Amilias’ customer support and the organization?

It is not always easy to know to whom to refer to for help, thanks to this little explanation we hope to help you find the best source of solutions to your problems.

When to contact the organization

Most of the time it will be more useful to contact the organization responsible for your file. Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics to manage by your organization:

  • A refund or a change to your schedule
  • A question concerning programming
  • The presence of an error in the balance of your file
  • Adding a forgotten promotion
  • Difficulty making a purchase

The organization will know whether it should then contact Amilia's technical support who will then take care of the situation.

When to contact Amilia customer support

Amilia Customer Support is specialized for certain situations or more advanced intervention than an organization manager can perform.

  • Updating a password when any other attempt does not work
  • An error message appears and tells you to contact us directly
  • Any other situation concerning infrastructure

In a situation where customer support is the appropriate option; Take screenshots (click here to learn how), document your situation as much as possible to avoid exchanges that will take longer for you and you will waste valuable time.

Do not forget to look at our Amilia user support base, it is one of your most important tools to quickly solve any problematic situation.

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