What are Multipasses and Drop-ins?

Drop-Ins and MultiPasses are a great alternative for those not looking to commit to an activity over a long period.



In addition to session-based activities, some organizations offer activities on a per-class basis in Amilia, known as “drop-ins”. These can be stand-alone activities or parts of a session that the organization has made available for individual participation. 

Registering for a drop-in is simple! If an organization has made a class available for drop-in, you will see a drop-in icon next to the activity:

After clicking the Drop-in option, you’ll be presented with a view of available times that you can choose from. After choosing your desired time, you can proceed to checkout as usual:



Some organizations offer MultiPasses as a means of registering for drop-in activities. They are prepaid passes that can be used to register for applicable drop-ins. If an organization has MultiPasses available for purchase, there will usually be a MultiPass tab available on the store, or, it will be suggested when attempting to register for a drop-in.


Registering with a MultiPass is easy! Simply choose the class and time you would like to register for. If it is eligible for a MultiPass, you will see your available passes to use. Simply choose your pass and complete the checkout process.

You can also view your remaining passes by logging into your account and clicking on the Purchases tab.

Some organizations also allow you to cancel a class if registering with a MultiPass. To do so, go to the Purchases tab on your account, and click on the class that you would like to cancel. You will then be brought to organization’s storefront. Click on the class previously registered for and choose “unregister” (note that not all organizations offer this feature):





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