How to browse the Amilia online store?

When you find yourself on the online store of an organization, there are several options available to you.

First, on the top of the page you will find the name and address of the organization and a link to their website.

Then there are five tabs that can be offered to you:

  • Registration: where you will find the different activities offered by the organization. It is by clicking on a program that the list of activities will appear. It is important to note that it is possible that your organization has blocked access to a registration using an access code, so you will need to contact them in order to have access.
  • Memberships: which often include membership cards, annual fees, targeted memberships related to specific activities.
  • Multipass: where you can find passes to register to drop-in classes (if the organization offers their activity in a drop-in mode). Note that you need to first buy your multipass before being able to register to an activity that requires one.
  • Merchandise: any goods sold by the organization, for example a shirt with the logo and the colours of the organization, equipment needed for an activity, ticket to an event...
  • Fundraising: this tab contains the various campaigns put together by organizations to raise money to help them develop different projects.

Note that there is also the “My Account” tab which allows you to go directly to your personal account (only accessible if you have an Amilia account).

Lower, you will find a place to search for activities offered on specific days.

Finally, under the search bar you will find by default the different schedules offered by the organization, however, the content will change according to the tab selected.


Note: It is possible to browse the online shops of different organizations without having a user account, however we strongly suggest to create your account as quickly as possible.

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