How do I pay a balance in my user account?

Here’s how to make a payment in your user account in a few easy steps!

Once connected to your Amilia account, the steps to follow are straightforward. If you are not logged in to your account click here.

Then, go to BILLING tab, which should be in the left column. Make sure to select the right organization, however if you only use Amilia with one organization this one will show as default.

Finally, click on MAKE PAYMENT and you should see a form appear like a pop-up, this is the place where you should enter your information to complete the payment. Once all your information is entered, click on MAKE PAYMENT again.

Note: that this option will only appear if you have a balance in your account, if your organization has enabled payments from the user account and if there are no post-dated payments set up to pay that balance.

If the amount is incorrect or there are other problems related to the payment, we invite you to get in touch directly with the organization. 

Method of payment

Method of payment vary between Credit Card and e-check. Note that not all organization offer both methods. Once again, you are invited to communicate directly with the organization if you wish to make any other arrangements.


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