Beta Announcement: Introducing Access Management and Check-in, Check-out with the Amilia Mobile App

Here at Amilia, we are always working hard to create new features and improve our existing ones based on our client’s feedback and requests. For the past several months we’ve been developing and testing a new module called Access Management. This new set of features connects with our Membership module and allows you to use virtual ID cards and our Mobile App to quickly check-in and out clients, kids, athletes, members - with the touch of a button.


We invite you to take an exclusive preview of the new module.

Access Management is in beta, which means we are actively gathering feedback, adding features, and streamlining the user interface. It’s still in development but there is a lot of functionality that can already improve your check-in, check-out processes. To request access to Access Management and become one of our beta testers, please email

Who is Access Management For?

Do you require a membership card for access to your facilities?

With Access Management and a scanner, you can easily scan your clients’ membership cards or digital cards to grant or deny access based on membership standing, activities registered to, or an outstanding balance.


Craig_Access_Denied.png          Membership_Valid_Jolene.png


Is security a concern when children are dropped off and picked up from activities?

Pick ups and drop offs can be a slow process and parents need to know their children are safe and leaving with the right person. Ensure optimum security and expedite this process with our check-in/check-out feature. This immediately allows your staff to identify the  child by name and photo and who is allowed responsibility for the child.


Tracking and attendance

Daily overviews give staff an at-a-glance view of who has yet to arrive for an activity, who has checked-in and most importantly who hasn’t checked-out at the end of the day - ensuring that no child is left behind! Attendance lists are automatically updated at check-in simplifying your entire attendance process - reducing paperwork and time. All logs are easily exportable via excel and PDF.


Easy to set up!

Configuring access management has never been easier. In a few simple steps you can set up a new control. Simply name your Access Configuration, check if you want to block for unpaid balances, check if you want to enable logging of check-outs for activities, and then select any desired memberships and/or activities for the configuration.   



Once your configuration has been set up you can can see it on the main page of the Access Management module.  From here you can easily edit any of your configurations, monitor (check-in or check-out), view the overview of who’s pending, checked-in, and who’s checked-out, archive, delete, and enable the Kiosk feature.



Please note that the Kiosk feature is only available for access management configurations with a membership and requires a scanner to function properly.

How to Become a Beta Tester

Interested in becoming a beta tester? Email us at and we will unlock the module for you you. Feel free to start poking around immediately. Your clients do need to have memberships and either physical or virtual ID cards for this module to work properly. For virtual ID cards, your clients will need to download our Amilia App for iphones or Amilia App for Google Play. If you want to test the module with a scanner, we recommend the NADAMOO QR Barcode Scanner. If you are not ready to invest in a scanner, you can still use the check-in and check-out features manually by typing in the membership numbers; however, we don’t recommend using the Kiosk feature without a scanner.

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