Access Management 101

Please note that this module is currently in BETA phase. To try it, please contact us at and we will unlock the module for you.

The Access Management module will facilitate your client’s check-in /check-out process and help you to easily obtain information about participants or parents who come to your facilities. This module works in conjunction with the memberships module to enable quick scanning of membership cards or virtual cards to grant or deny access to your facilities.

If you do not have a scanner you can do this manually by typing in the membership, helping you to easily track attendance for activities, securely monitor child pick-ups, check ins and check outs, grant or deny access based on membership, activity or account balance.



Once activated, you will see this tab appear on the left-hand menu.

  1. You can create your first Access Controls by clicking on  found in the Access Management tab
  2. Once here, you can set up the name you would like for the control, for example: the name of the facility. You can check if you want to block for unpaid balances, if you want to enable logging for check-outs of activities, and then select any desired memberships and/or activities for the controlé

      3. As always, don’t forget to click save!

 Note: You are able to create as many controls as you would like.

Now that this has been set up, let’s take a closer look at some of the features of the Access Management Module.


This feature requires a scanner to function properly and ideally a mobile support, such as a tablet. It is only available for access management configurations with a membership (not with activities) and will be used directly by the clients before entering the facility.

Upon scanning their card, the system will detect if their membership is valid and if their account balance will permit them access to your facility. When they scan, their membership card will appear on the screen, showing the clients name, email, address, photo, name and expiration date of their membership.

For virtual ID cards, your clients will need to download our Amilia App for iphones or Amilia App for Google Play. We recommend the NADAMOO QR Barcode Scanner, although of course this is only a suggestion.  

Set up: Luckily the set-up of this scanner is as easy as plugging it in to your USB. The system will detect that the scanner has been attached, and all you need to do is start scanning!

Note: When scanning from the monitoring tab, you will need to click on the box to enter the ID number, and the system will be able to recognize when you start scanning.

Access granted:

When the access has been granted to your clients, they will see a large green check mark appear, allowing them to pass through your facility.

Access denied:

A large red X will appear in a circle on the client's membership card. The reason for the refusal will also be clearly indicated under the card.



This tab will provide you the name and Amilia ID of the clients who have entered your facility, their membership status with membership expiration, profile picture, their expected balance (taking into account any post-dated payments) and the date of entry. The organizations administrators will use this tab. From here, you are also able to scan or manually enter your clients’ membership number to input their information this way.

By default, only the entries of the current day are displayed.

To view previous entries change the Start date or use the Add filter drop-down menu.



The overview tab will provide a quick summary of who has yet to arrive, who has checked-in and most importantly who hasn’t checked-out at the end of the day. Attendance lists are also automatically updated at check-in. All logs are easily exportable via excel and PDF.


If security during child pick-ups and drop offs is of concern, our check-in/check-out feature will help ensure greater security and proper tracking during these times. When a child is checked in, you will see their name and photo alongside names of adults that are allowed responsibility for them.

Note: The responsible adults list is generated from the R1 and R2 information as well as emergency contacts. To update this information, you can visit the account members section in the Contact section.

The Access Management module will help you grant or restrict client access with the swipe of a card, monitor the entries into your facilities, ensure better security for child pick ups, and facilitate the monitoring of attendance during activities. For more information email either or

To learn how to set up your Memberships and activate membership cards, see the following article here: Membership cards




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