Checkout Notifications

Please note that this module is currently in BETA phase. To try it, please contact us at and we will unlock the module for you.


The Checkout Notifications module will alert you as soon as a client has made a purchase in your store. You can select the email you would like to be notified at, and as soon as a checkout has been completed, a notification will be sent to the email that you specified. This will enable administrators to act the moment a sale is made. This feature will help organizations respond better to late registrants, track participants and merchandise faster, catch up on registrations when out of the office, and notify staff of any changes or additions to classes.


Once this module has been activated, you will see this option to add emails for notifications under the Account > Options tab.


It is as simple as typing in the email you would like the notifications to be sent to in the box under this section. If you would like to add more than one email, you can type in multiple emails separated by a “;”.

Once this has been completed, you will start to receive notifications! As always, don’t forget to click !

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    Camila Tang

    It would be nice if you can turn on notifications only for select purchases (activities or merchandise). As mentioned in the description, it would be nice to turn this on to be notified of late registrants when you are not typically expecting any more registrations.

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    Dwayne Diamond

    Would be nice per program / activity as we have staff work in separate programs

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    I agree with the two prior comments. It would be nice to also have the ability to notify the staff member included as a resource that a registration has occurred in their class.

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