How to edit the contacts linked to an account

Contacts are very useful if you want to gather more information about the persons that can, for example, leave with your child or to whom the tax receipt should be sent.

In order to edit these contacts, you just need to log into your user account then go into the Members section of your account. Select from the drop down menu at the top the person you want to modify the contacts (if the person is not there at the moment, you can add it to the account using the Add Person button).

When under the person profile, scroll down until you see the Forms by organization section. From there, you'll be able to edit the contacts.

When you click on edit, you will be prompted with the option to add someone in the contact section. Click on the button.


Take a look at the drop down menu list to see if the person is in it. If it's there, click on it and then on the Add button . If the contact you want to use for this person isn't there, click on Add New Contact when all the information are filled, click on OK and the contact will be added to the contact list.

The following fields are present in the contact section :

  • Name : The name of the contact that you can click on it to be redirected directly on their personal page.
  • Relationship: This drop down menu let you select the relationship with the person
  • Role: There are three roles available, Primary and Secondary Legal Guardian and Emergency contact. The Legal Guardian can be attributed a percentage of the RL-24 Tax Credit that is available in Québec.
  • RL-24 Tax Credit: This section is available only for Primary and Secondary Legal Guardian and can be of 100%, 50% or 0%. It's here that you need to edit these settings when you want to receive RL-24 Tax Credit. Don't forget that you need to have your SIN linked to your account when you are receiving the RL-24.

After all the modification have been made click on SAVE to apply the changes or CANCEL if you don't want to apply them.

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