Store Embedding

Looking to make a one-stop shop for your customers? Why not embed your online Amilia Store directly into your organization's website?


Here at Amilia we strive not only to simplify your day but also your customer's!  This is why we offer the possibility to embed your Amilia store directly into your website so that your participants can browse, log in, register and pay; all while remaining on your site!

You can achieve this via the Store>Store Embedding tab.


Personalizing your integrated Store

Embedding your store into your webpage is referred to as an iFrame and there are two ways you can customize it. 


  • Choose a Color

Select a color by clicking on a swatch 



Toggling the color scale



  •   Choose a Start Page

Decide which Store tab you'd like to have displayed as the default page on your iFrame:



At any time you can add/remove store tabs via the Store>Customize tab. To see a preview of your iFrame, simply scroll further down the page.




Integrating the iFrame into your website

Two steps are required to successfully integrate your Amilia Store into your organization's website:

  • Make sure your website's URL is entered in the Sharing section under the Account>Main Information tab.




  • Copy and paste the HTML production code in the desired location on your website.


NOTE: Test using the Test code prior to using the Production code and saving changes. Embedding the iFrame consists of right-clicking on the webpage you wish to insert it and selecting 'View Page Source'. You must paste the Production code in the appropriate spot in the HTML strand. We suggest that your webmaster or someone with knowledge of HTML perform this action. For further assistance, feel free to contact us at


If you prefer, you can choose instead to integrate buttons on your website that link to your Amilia Store.


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