How to Use Pro Rata

Pro-rating will let you decrease the price of an activity by class, week or by day automatically. This feature is accessible through the Sessions heading in your activities configuration, and can only be applied when there is a start and end date set up in the schedule. 

Activities > Edit tab

  • Click on New activity or select an Existing activity
  • In Schedule section

In order to use prorating, a schedule must be entered.

  • In the Session section, select Pro Rata:
    • Set an amount.
    • Select whether the amount entered is in $ or %.
    • Decide whether the amount is applied for each day, week, month or class
    • Set a minimum fee for the activity (even when prorated, the activity’s price will never go below this).
    • Select whether the promotion should be applied when the prorated cost begins

When this option IS ACTIVATED:

Promotions tied to activity will apply until the cost reaches 0$.

When this option is NOT ACTIVATED:
NO promotion will apply as soon as the prorated cost start.



10 weeks


February 1st until April 5th





Pro rata:

10.00$ per week


Registration before February 1st = 100.00$
Registration between February 2 and 8 = 90.00$

The activities cost will be automatically adjusted until the moment when the minimum cost you have set has been reached. 

Note: If you would like to offer promotions on an activity that has been pro-rated, you will have to specify this here by clicking the checkbox: 

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