How Does Amilia Bill Me?

The Billing subtab details your account information and Amilia fees


Via the Account>Billing subtab, you can view:

  • Your monthly Amilia statements and account information;
  • Merchant account information;
  • Amilia software rates. 

NOTE: Only administrators with 'account owner' access can view this information. 


Amilia Statements and Account Info

Amilia statements are posted at the beginning of each month and are available for download. Amilia directly debits (if applicable) the amount owing from your organization's bank account. Upon receipt, payments are also posted in the Billing subtab. 

  • Your organization's billing contact is sent a monthly email linking directly to the Amilia statement. Contact us at if you wish to update your billing contact. 
  • Statements reflect the charges for the previous month. A statement received in February is for charges incurred in January. 


Reading your Amilia Statement

Under the Statement column, click on the date to view the actual monthly Amilia statement. Click on Details to view revenue charges applied to each invoice created during that period.

At Amilia, there are two types of software charges:

  • Monthly: This flat rate is established upon signing the Amilia contract and is charged every month. 
  • Revenue: This fee is a percentage you are charged on the total amount of each invoice generated in Amilia during the previous month. When an automatic discount is applied, the system takes this into consideration before calculating the revenue fee. However, the revenue fee is not reduced when a rebate or manual credit note is added on an invoice or within a client's account. Revenue fees on an individual rental contract will never exceed $10

NOTE: Upon canceling a registration and/or a manual fee, charged fees will be reimbursed. 


Merchant Account Info

A merchant account is required for you to process online payments. When a client pays online using a credit card or E-check, the payment is processed through your merchant account. 

  • Your payment processor's statements are not available in Amilia. You should have login credentials to access that information on a different platform (e.g. Netbanx). 
  • The payment processor charges you a flat rate and percentage per transaction. The fees differ between a credit card and E-check merchant accounts. 
  • Payment processor information is only visible in the Account>Billing subtab once your merchant account has been approved. 
  • If you have any questions regarding this information or your merchant account, please contact us at

NOTE: All payment processor accounts will be moved to Paysafe by the end of 2019. 



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