How does Amilia bill me?

Learn more about your organization’s fees for managing registrations online with Amilia. These include fees from Amilia, as well as your payment processor, if you have one. 

The Account>Billing tab contains the organization's account information.

NOTE: An email with a link to the Billing statement is sent to the Billing contact of your Amilia account.  You can also access the billing statement via the Account>Billing tab. Only administrators with Account Owner access can view this page.

If you wish to update your Billing contact, please let us know at



This section contains information which includes your organization's account number, account owner's name, contact info, billing address and your current package.

At Amilia, there are two types of fees: subscription fees and revenue fees. Both are charged on a monthly basis. Different types of organizations have different fee structures. 

  1. The monthly subscription fee is a flat rate you are charged every month. This amount is established when you sign the Amilia contract and it will remain the same until the end of this contract.. 
  2. The revenue fee is a percentage you are charged based on the revenue created in Amilia, regardless of if the invoice is created by a client or by an administrator. The fee is charged on the total amount of the invoice when the transaction go through in Amilia. When there is an automatic promotion applied, the system will take this into consideration. On the other hand, when there is a rebate or a manual credit note added to the invoice or in the account client by an admin, no reduction will be taken into account when calculating Amilia fees.

Here are two examples:







JUNE 2017





The fee will be calculated on 50.00$ in June

JULY 2017





The fee will be calculated on 100$ in July

 Note that Revenue fees on Rental Contracts will never exceed $10. Your revenue fee can vary from month to month depending on the volume of invoices you have processed in the past month. 



When a cancellation is done, the Amilia fee will be automatically reimbursed, both when there is a cancellation of a registration or a cancellation of a manual fee. There is no fee on a manual credit note, so there is no reimbursement on those manual credit notes.



Here you'll find information pertaining to your merchant account. A merchant account is required for you to process online payments. Any time one of your clients pays online by credit card or e-check, the payment is processed through your merchant account.

The payment processor charges you a flat rate and percentage per transaction. The fees differ between credit card and E-check merchant accounts. 

Your payment processor's statements are not available in Amilia. You will be given login credentials to access that information on a different platform. 

If you are in the process of applying for a merchant account, information about your merchant account will be shown in the Billing tab once the request has been approved.  If you'd like to apply for a merchant account, click on the blue request button in the Merchant Account section of the Billing tab. 

Click here to find out more about Merchant Account & Payment Processing Fees FAQ



Here is where you'll find your monthly statements from Amilia. Statements are posted near the beginning of each month. We also post your payment history. Amilia will directly debit the amount owing from your organization's bank account each month

When you receive a statement, it is referencing the charges for the previous month. For example, the statement you receive in the month of February is for the amount you were charged in January. This includes your monthly subscription fee as well as your revenue fee based on what you billed in the month of January.

Amilia Statements and Annexes are available for download: 

  • Statement.amilia.pdf: Your total monthly invoice from Amilia
  • Annex (.xls): List of client payments and refunds 
  • Annexes A-B (.xls): List of invoices you created. This is how we determine your Revenue fee.  For example, your client makes a purchase for $100, your revenue fee rate is at 1%, your fee owed to Amilia would be $1. 




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