How to create a product

  1. Access the Merchandise sub tab in the Store tab.
  2. Click on 
  3. Fill out the required info as explained below.

Description section


Enter the product name that you want your clients to see.


Enter the product description as you want it to be read by your clients.


Here you can enter the tags that you have previously set up in the Account > Tags tab


Input the price that your organization pays for the product. This price will not be seen by your clients.


Input the price that your clients will pay to purchase this product. This price will be visible to your clients.


Decide how you want to apply taxes to this product. You can choose between:

    • Taxes not included
    • Taxes included
    • Taxes exonerated


This is where you reduce the price of products that are on sale. To do so:

    • Choose the amount of the discount you wish to apply.
    • Determine whether this number represents dollars ($) or a percentage (%) by selecting the appropriate option in the drop-down menu. 


Here you can link one item to this item to sell them together as a package. It makes it a requirement to purchase both items together. 

Shipping Section

Here you can select if your shipping is applicable no if it will be pickup. If it is applicable, you can set this up through the Store > Shipping tab. You can select a Pickup only method, Delivery only, or Pickup or Delivery. 

Method of Payment Section


Here you can decide which method of payment you wish to make available for this product. You may choose between:

  • Online credit card payment via Amilia
  • Offline payment (cheque/cash/etc.)
  • Installment plans

You may select one or both options. 


Store Display section


By clicking on the drop-down menu, you will get the following options:

    • Always show
    • Only show when in stock
    • Keep hidden


Click on  to upload an image that corresponds to the product you are trying to sell. This image must already be on your computer in order to be selected. It will be visible to your clients. 

If the image in "Tumbnail" doesn't show what you want to be visible use the  tool to adjust the image.  



Inventory tracking section


It is possible to enter a SKU or any other identifier you use to differentiate your products. 


You must select an inventory tracking policy for this product. Your choices are:

    • Automatic tracking based on quantity
    • No tracking – Always available
    • No tracking – Out of stock 


Enter the number of items you have on hand for this specific product.

Note: If this product has variants (colour, size, etc.), do not enter a quantity here. Instead, create variants and enter the proper quantities there. 

Merchandise Variants Section

Click on , a table will be displayed to let you enter all your product variants.  


After creating all your variant you will be able to sort them by clicking on the scroll bar, you will have the choice between;

  • Show active variants
  • Show archived variants
  • Show both active and archived variants

Note: It is possible to type directly into the table to enter the first variant. For additional variants, use the link 


Enter the variant (such as size (SM, MD, LG, for example) or colour. These variants will be seen by clients who must make a choice among them prior to purchasing the product. 


If you are using SKUs, each variant might have its own SKU. Enter it here.  

If you are not using identifiers, this cell can be left blank. 


Inventory tracking is done for each variant. You must therefore decide how you want to proceed:

    • Automatic tracking based on quantity
    • No tracking – Always available
    • No tracking – Out of stock 


Indicate how many items of this specific variant you currently have on hand. 


Use this to archive a variant and indicate that it will no longer be available.  


Click on SAVE to save the ole page or click on ARCHIVE to archive the product. 


Click on it to go back to merchandise and than be able to create another product.

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