Check and Modify Activity Information Eligible for RL-24 - Step 2



At this stage, only the eligible activities appears, in addition to allowing you to re-verify the information on the name, start and end dates of the activities, as well as the amount eligible for the RL-24.

This step is the last step that gives you the ability to determine if changes are needed on activities. Ensure the accuracy of the information that will be taken into account for the creation of the RL-24s.

IMPORTANT: If errors occur after this step, you will need to edit each RL-24 individually, as subsequent changes will not affect the report.

If you are using  an Excel document will be generated, to facilitate the verification of the information.


If changes are required on the eligibility, schedule or amount of an activity, as the message indicates, you must go to ACTIVITIES > EDITION to make the necessary corrections.



By using the Excel file, it is easier to see if any of the settings need modification and you will be able to track the changes to be made.



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