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External memberships are used to validate a citizen's card, a membership card or a different code for each client. Beforehand, the client must obtain his citizen card from his city, or his membership card or code from your organization. 

They can be set as a mandatory requirement for registration to an activity.

Please note that the external memberships feature is not activated by default. If you would like to have this feature activated in your account, submit your request to support@amilia.com



Creating a New External Membership

To begin, click on   and enter the membership name and description. Click .


Import data

We offer 3 ways to import your data:



This method provides automatic updates of all external memberships by using a programming interface.

By clicking on , you will receive information on using this method. 


This method allows you to download an XML file.

By clicking on , you will receive information on using this method and you will be able to download the XML file.  


This method uses an Excel file; an import template is available.

By clicking on , you will receive information on using this method.


Regardless of which method you choose to upload your data, there are 4 fields that the system can use to validate your clients: 

  • ID (code or card number) - Required
  • Date of birth - Optional
  • Phone number - Optional
  • Expiry date - Optional

Apart from the required code or number, you may request verification by date of birth, phone number or expiry date. If you leave these fields blank during the data upload, the client will not be required to submit this information. 

Once you've imported all the data, click on  to return to the list of all external memberships. 


Verifying Usage

If you've set an external membership as required for registration to an activity, you can verify which memberships have been claimed by selecting Membership>External Memberships and choosing the membership in question


Here you will find all the first and last names of the person who has used the code. You can delete the association between the person and the membership by clicking on the  found in the ACTION column. You may also hide all unused codes by selecting .


(If you would like to make an external membership mandatory when purchasing an activity, go to Activities > Edit. Select the activity, and in the Memberships field, answer YES and check the external membership which you want to make mandatory.)



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