Enter a payment in a client account

Inputting and matching payments is an important function for keeping track of your accounting.


In order to indicate that you have received a payment from a client, you must first access their account.  

  1. Click on the Clients tab.  
  2. Use the search field to find the desired client.
  3. Click on the client’s name to access their account.
  4. Make sure you are in the Client Billing sub-tab. 


Enter a payment not associated with an invoice

  1. In the Operations menu, choose Add payment.
  2. Enter the amount.
  3. Select the payment method. If you are entering an offline payment, you will have the opportunity to provide additional optional information.

a) Details: will be displayed as an info bubble next to the payment type.

b) Information: will be visible by the client and admins on the receipt.

c) Admin comments: will be visible by admins only on the receipt and will also appear in reports.


  1. Locate the invoice your client is paying.  
  2. Click on the invoice number or on the on the right-hand side to reveal additional information.  

Click on Add payment, on the right-hand side. The screen expands and reveals a new section.  

a) Select (or enter) the amount paid.

b) Choose the payment method.  

    • Credit card 
    • E-check 
    • Other form of payment (for checks, cash, credit or debit cards on your own terminal or balance transfers from another system). 



A client whose balance owing is made up of several unpaid (or partially-paid) invoices could want to pay them all off at the same time. This is where the Bulk Payment feature comes in, allowing you to reconcile a single payment with multiple invoices in the same operation. 

  1. Go to the Client Billing tab of the customer’s account.
  2. In the Operations menu, choose Bulk Payments. 
  3. Select the payment method and enter the amount paid.
  4. Check the boxes next to the invoices with which this payment should be reconciled.
  5. Click on Save.  

Heads Up! E-checks cannot be used to make bulk payments. This feature is not compatible with the processing delay that accompanies e-checks, as a bulk payment supposes the immediate reconciliation of all associated invoices. 



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