RL-24 Step 3 - Cancelled Registrations & Partially Paid Fees


You can generate a RL-24 for canceled registrations if a child qualifies and partially participated in an activity that is eligible.

At this step, we provide you with a list of all unsubscriptions from eligible children for activities eligible for the RL-24.


If the activity is reported as declared in days and you try to enter a number in the Weeks box, the box will appear in red. The same thing happens for the opposite situation.


In order to find an account, the search can be done by:

  • Client name
  • Name of child
  • Name of the activity

The number of unsubscriptions will also be displayed.

Excel Export

This Excel document will provide you with the names of all clients eligible for the RL-24.

You will find the following information:

  • First and last name of the parent
  • Parent's email address
  • Telephone number of the parent
  • If YES or NO the SIN was provided
  • The full address of the parent


As the social insurance number can not be legally required, customers have the choice to indicate it or refuse. With this list, you will know who provided it and who refused.

If the SIN is not provided, due to the government's requirement, the RL-24s will not be created.

You may choose to provide a manual statement for these clients or provide proof of their registration and payment for the taxable year.


This Excel document will provide you with a complete list of all eligible children who have been unsubscribed from an RL-24 eligible activity. This will make it easier for you to verify in the account whether a partial amount has been withheld when unsubscribing.

If a RL-24 is required for the partial payment and participation, just complete all the fields required to create the RL-24 at this step. It will be generated at the same time as all other RL-24s.


A RL-24 will not be issued if information are incomplete or incorrect. You must fill in all required fields.

After determining the unsubscriptions that require the production of a RL-24, proceed to step 4.


When everything is in order, click on 




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