Promotions: Description and Features


If an activity, product and / or membership is associated with several promotions, ALL PROMOTIONS WILL APPLY. When the cost of the activity, the product and / or membership reach the cost of $ 0, promotions will no longer apply.


You give the same code to everyone, and people can use it as often as they'd like. This promotion will apply the same rebate to all eligible activities on the invoice.



Every customer receives a single-use code. Once the code has been used, it may not be used again, either by the same customer or by anybody else. This promotion applies the rebate only once, on the final invoice. Even the percentage rebates only apply to one activity.



This promotion reduces the price of one activity for a given period of time. It can be used to entice people to sign up early, among other things. The price is reduced in accordance with the specified rule, over the given period. This promotion must have a start date and an end date.



This type of rebate is intended to attract more people from the same account. It is often called the 'Family Rebate'.

This promotion applies the same rebate to all the members of a family for all eligible activities for which they have signed up. If the rule says that a $20 rebate should be given after 3 family members have registered, and 3 people register, every  registered person receives a $20 rebate on each eligible activity they have signed up for.

Important note: If the number of registrations is over the number set in the rules (i.e. you've set the rules at a max of 4 registrations and 5 people have registered), the highest rule (in this case, the rule for 4 registrations) will apply to the 5th, 6th, 7th person, and so on.



This type of promotion lets you offer different rebates to each family member who signs up. This promotion should be chosen if you want the first person who signs up to pay the full price.  Note that the rules for additional people will apply to all eligible activities for which these people sign up.

Important Note: Any person for whom a rule has not been set, for exemple when the number of registrations is over the set rule (i.e. the rule was set at 4 participants and 5 people have registered), will pay the full price.



This type of rebate is meant to entice a person to sign up for multiple activities.

This promotion applies the same rebate to all eligible activities for which a person signs up. If a rule states that a $20 rebate be applied after 3 activities for the same person and 3 activities are chosen, that person will receive a $20 rebate for each activity (so a total of $60).

Important Note: if the number of activities is over the set rules (i.e. the rule has been set for a max of 4 activities and the person adds a 5th activity to his cart), the highest rule (in this case, the rule for 4 activities) will be applied to the 5th, 6th, and 7th activities, and so on.



This type of promotion allows you to give different rebates for each eligible activity a given person registers for. Select this promotion if you want the first activity to remain at full price.

Important Note: Any activity for which no rule has been set, for example when the number of eligible activities chosen is over the set rules (i.e. the rule is set for a max of 4 activities and 5 are being purchased), will remain at full price.



With this promotion, you'll be giving a rebate on eligible activities to people who have a membership.



Gives a discount on the next purchase of an eligible item. When an eligible item is purchased, the promotion generates a unique code and displays it on the invoice. A client can later use this code to receive a discount if they purchase another eligible item, or the same eligible item again.


This promotion automatically grants a rebate to all participants who are a certain age when they register for eligible activities. The rebate applies to all eligible activities.



This promotion now works with the names of cities targeted, not with postal codes.



This promotion lets you grant different rebates according to a customer's response  to a multiple choice question. 

This promotion no longer uses the questions from the registration form. The question must be built in to the promotion for it to work correctly.

Currently, this question does not allow for a text field to be added (for example, if you want to obtain an Avantage or Accès Montréal card number). To do this, the question meant to obtain the card number must be included in the registration form.



This promotion is used with Groupon-type tools. It implies that an amount be pre-payed through another tool. The promotion should be used only with the 'Discount by a fixed amount' rule.

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