Create a Waiting List

The system can now automatically create waiting lists when activities are sold-out. Only Amilia administrators can manage waiting lists, and there are two options on how to manage this: manually or automatically.



  • Click the activity’s name to select it and edit its contents.  
  • In the Waiting List section, you can select the option for Yes to activate this module, or automatic emails. 
  • Automatic emails means that everyone on the waiting list will be sent an email when a spot opens up in the activity.

  • Click on Save at the bottom of the screen to save the changes. 
  • The  icon will now next to the activity name (in both the Registration and Edit tabs) to illustrate that waiting lists are activated. 



As soon as the activity becomes sold out, a Waiting List hyperlink will appear.  

By clicking on this link, the customer will be redirected to a new screen, where they must: 

  • Select the person in the account to add to the waiting list (using the drop-down menu) OR add a new person to the account in order to be able to add them to the waiting list. Note: The drop-down menu will only show people who are not registered for this activity and who have not yet been added to the waiting list.  
  • Provide their contact information so you may get in touch with them easily (phone number and email).  
  • An automated email will be sent to the client as confirmation that they are on the waiting list.  




Even if the activity is sold-out, you retain the ability to register clients, if you wish. Now, you can also add them to the waiting list. 

The process is identical to the one described above in CLIENT MODE.  

To manage the waiting list, to use it to register clients or remove them from the list, click here

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