Managing Drop-In Activities

Like session-based activities, drop-in activities are managed from the Activities > Registration screen.   



You have 3 choices: 

  1. Like with session-based activities, attendance and participant/activity lists, selection summaries and other reports can be generated for drop-in activities in the Operations menu of the Activities > Registration tab. 
  2. The virtual attendance list can also be accessed and edited from the new Attendance List tab.
  3. From this new tab, an attendance list can also be generated in Excel or PDF format using the Operations menu. 



To communicate with all the clients registered for a drop-in activity, regardless of the date they signed up for, use the Operations menu in Activities > Registration and proceed per usual.  

To communicate with participants registered for one or more specific dates:  

  1. In Activities > Registrations, click on the activity name.  
  2. Click on the Drop-In tab. 
  3. Select the date(s) you need by checking the corresponding boxes. 
  4. In the Operations menu, choose Send an email to participants. Your message will only be sent to participants registered for the selected dates. 



Registration cancellations for drop-in activities are performed in exactly the same way as regular session-based registrations.

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