Programming Drop-In Classes

The set up for drop-in classes starts out just like traditional session-based activities, but it does present a few peculiarities.  

CAUTION: An activity must be programmed for each time slot. For example:   

  • Zumba class takes places on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. To sell it as a drop-in (one class at a time), create a single activity, because class takes place at the same time every day.  
  • Zumba class takes place on Mondays at 5pm and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. To sell it as drop ins, create two activities: one for the 5pm time slot (recurring every Monday) and one for the 6pm time slot (recurring on Tuesdays and Thursdays).  



  1. Set the activity's schedule the same way you would for a session, for the entire period during which this class will be offered, by providing a beginning date, a schedule and either and end date or a number of recurrences, per usual. 
  2. If you have programmed holidays in the calendar:  
    • Check the box(es) if the activity will take place in spite of the programmed holiday(s). 
    • Leave the box unchecked if the activity will not be taking place on the programmed holidays.   
  3. Check the Summary. It should display the proper number of occurrences.  



  1. Check the box to Enable purchasing this activity as a drop-in.  
  2. Provide the price for A SINGLE CLASS.  
  3. Determine the number of available spaces. Note : If you are also selling this activity as a session, the number of available spaces for the entire session is added to the number of available spots for drop-ins. Consequently, if you have 5 drop-in spots available and 25 spots for the session, a total of 30 people are likely to show up on any given class. 
  4. Should you wish to do so, the registration Start and End dates will let you limit how early/late people can register for each instance of the class (you could decide, for example, that you are no longer accepting registrations 24 hours before the beginning of a class). 

If you are also selling this activity as a full session, it's also possible to program the Session section of the activity to set a price for the entire session. 

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