Create a New Client Account

It is simpler than ever to create a new client account. Begin the same way you always have:   

  1. Go to Clients > Accounts.
  2. In the Operations menu, choose Add new account
  3. A new window appears. 

You must begin by entering the account owner’s information. This person should be an adult, since they will be receiving all communications from Amilia, invoices, account statements and much more. (The birth date can be a placeholder, as long as the person is over 18.)  

The email address is optional, but please note that if you create the account without entering this information, Amilia will have no way of figuring out whether this client already exists in your database. If you do provide the email address, Amilia will check 3 things: 

  • Is this email address valid? 
  • Does this user name address exist in your database? 
  • Does this user name exist in Amilia’s database?  

If the client already exists in your database, Amilia will notify you. 

If the user name already exists in Amilia’s database, the system will suggest adding this customer’s information to your database. 

When you are done entering the account owner’s information, you may choose to continue filling out the profile and add other family members IF you prefer. This isn’t necessary at this stage, however, if you are about to make a purchase. When you make a purchase, you will be required to fill out the registration forms anyway, there is no need to do so now. 

To make a purchase:   

  1. Click on the Client Billing sub-tab.
  2. In the Operations menu, choose Add purchase
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