Why is Amilia telling me to update my browser?

It is important that your web browser is up to date for security reasons. If you are unable to update your browser on your computer, know that Amilia is also available on mobile devices!


List of browsers compatible with Amilia:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome 22
  • Firefox 32
  • Safari 7
  • Opera 14
  • Android 4.4
  • Java 8

 You must be using at least this version of the browser, if not a more recent one, to transact with Amilia.

Why should I update my browser? 

Because you use your browser to shop, bank, and perform operations online, it is important that your browser is up to date and therefore as secure as possible.

Some web services, like Amilia, are specifically designed to process credit card transactions and to handle personal information. Therefore, we adhere to a very strict set of rules set by the credit card industry called PCI DSS. It states which browsers Amilia should accept and which we should refuse because they are simply too vulnerable to hacking attacks and malware. 

Other ways to access Amilia:

If your computer cannot handle the latest version of these browsers, Amilia is also accessible on tablets and smartphones. 


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