Canceling a purchase and issuing a refund

It's easy to cancel a purchase and issue a refund in a single transaction. 


There are two ways you can initiate a purchase cancellation:  

Via the Clients>Accounts subtab:

  • Access the customer account by clicking on their name. 
  • Click on Purchases.
  • Click on the Invoice button to the right of the purchase you wish to cancel. 


  • Access the customer account by clicking on their name. 
  • Click on Client Billing.
  • Click on the Invoice that contains the purchase you wish to cancel. 

  • Next, click on Cancel/refund item
  • Check the box(es) next to the purchase(s) you wish to cancel, and then specify your credit and refund amounts.

​When you cancel and refund, you must specify the credit and refund amounts separately.

Credit Amount: What proportion of this purchase’s value should the client be entitled to get back? This might be the full amount, a percentage of the full amount, or the full amount minus administrative penalties.

NOTE: When crediting a percentage, applicable promotions will also be adjusted according to the specified percentage. However, Multi-Person and Combo promotions are excluded, as they will always be credited 100% and applied again if necessary. Be sure to check the client's account balance to make sure the credited amount corresponds to the one you entered. 

Refund Amount:  The actual amount you are agreeing to give back to your client. Amilia will suggest a refund amount, but you can also refund any amount using the 'This Amount' feature.

To fully credit and reimburse a client, you would credit the full amount and refund the full amount.

To leave a credit in the account, credit the client the desired amount, but do not submit a refund

You can also give a partial credit by adding an administrative fee/penalty. Be sure to apply the appropriate ledger code to this fee.


Once you have configured the correct credit and refund amounts, press and the cancellation/credit/refund will be processed.

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