Refund a client directly on their credit card

It's quick and easy to refund credit card payments directly onto customers' cards


Credit card refund guidelines:

  • A credit card payment can be cancelled before midnight, Eastern time, on the same day that it was processed without requiring a refund. However, this will generate a receipt that is grayed out.
  • Credit card refunds are only possible when the original payment was made by credit card.
  • It is impossible to refund more than the amount of the original payment.
  • Credit card refunds may be refused by Netbanx/Paysafe. To ensure refunds are accepted, we suggest accessing your Netbanx merchant account to view the status.


Refunding accompanying an invoice cancellation:

Refunds are often issued in the context of a purchase cancellation. If the credit card payment was made at the moment of purchase, it is possible to issue the refund while cancelling the purchase.

Select the invoice you wish to cancel, and follow the outlined procedure for canceling and issuing a refund. To refund directly to your client's card, be sure to choose Credit card as your method of payment.



Refunding without cancelling an invoice:

When a payment has been entered separately from the original purchase, when the original purchase was cancelled without a refund being issued or if you simply need to refund a single payment for whatever reason, it is still possible to refund clients directly on their credit cards.

In this case, select the payment receipt rather than the invoice.

  1. Access your client’s account. On the Client Billing tab, find the payment you wish to refund.
  2. Click on the receipt.
  3. Click on Refund payment.
  4. Write in the appropriate refund amount and press Save



Cancelling before midnight:

If a payment was made by mistake it is possible to cancel the credit card payment prior to it processing, on the same day before midnight, Eastern time.

  1. Access your client’s account. On the Client Billing tab, find the payment you wish to cancel.
  2. Click on the receipt.
  3. Click on Cancel payment.

When a payment is cancelled before midnight, Eastern time, no fees will be billed to you by your merchant account provider. It will also provide a grayed out receipt in the client billing's account.


Credit card processing fees:

Please note that, when you issue a refund, your merchant account provider will not charge you additional fees, however they will not refund you the fees paid for the original transaction.


What should I do if a credit card refund is refused by Paysafe?

There are two solutions available in the event a credit card refund is refused.

1. Refund the client using a check and take no further action in Amilia; or

2. Within the client's billing account:

  • Enter an OFFLINE payment and mention in the notes that the transaction is due to the fact that the credit card refund was refused in Netbanx.
  • Enter an OFFLINE refund in Amilia and refund the client with a check.



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