Uploading Clients in Amilia - Import Contacts

When you’re first getting started in Amilia, you may want to import your list of clients into the system in batches. This is absolutely an option, although we do recommend letting clients create their own Amilia accounts to avoid uploading any old or inaccurate information.


To import your clients into Amilia, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Clients tab
  • Use the Operations drop-down menu to “Import Contacts”
  • Download the template for the contact form
  • Upload completed contact form into Amilia 



Filling out the template

Fields in the template, like First Name, Last Name, and Gender, that are marked with an asterisk are required to complete the upload. You can fill in the other fields for more complete files, but it is not mandatory.

Although email is not required to complete the import, it is best practice to include it. In order for your clients to be able to log in and access the account you are creating, you must enter their valid email address. This will become the username that the Account Owner uses to login.


Importing an individual

To import an individual into the system, simply enter in their name and gender, as well as any additional information you'd like to upload into their file. This individual will be uploaded as an account owner. 


Importing a family

To import a family, enter each child on a separate line in the template. Each child should be associated with a Parent 1 who will be the account owner. Several children associated with the same Parent 1 will be considered part of the same account and family.

For example, entering this data in the template will import the family into Amilia under one account.




Best practices:

  • The Amilia import template should not be modified. Fill in all of your client information, but do not add or remove any columns. 
  • We recommend trying the import with one or two clients to get familiar with the process before uploading your whole database. 




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