Editing Installments in a Customer's Account

Once they are programmed into a customer’s account, installments can now be edited to be increased or decreased as needed without needing to re-enter the credit card number.

Please note that each increase or decrease may ALSO require adjustments in the customer’s file, to adjust their balance: 

INCREASES in installments are usually accompanied by an INVOICE.

DECREASES in installments are usually accompanied by a CREDIT.

First, let’s take a look at how to edit the installments once they are programmed in the account.



1. Access the customer’s account, in the Client Billing sub-tab.

2. Click on the  button to view future programmed payments.

3. Check the payment payment (s) for which you want to make the changes, or check the box id to make the change to all payments at once.

4. Click on the Update tab. A new window will appear.

5. Decide what you want to update:

  • CREDIT CARD: This option will let you update the credit card number and/or expiration date. Note: You will need all the information on the card (number, expiration and CVV code) in order to make ANY change – as you can see in the image below, the form is always blank!
  • ECHECK: This will let you update the banking information if the payment is to be processed by e-check.


Note: It is possible to switch from credit card to e-check and vice-versa, for a single payment or for the remainder of all payments.

  • AMOUNT: Use this option to add or subtract from the next payment or all future payments (including the next one).

Note: Enter the entire amount of the payment in the box. For instance, in the image below, if you wish to decrease the payment amount from $103.48 to $75, enter 75 in the Amount ($) box.

  • DATE: Enter the new desired withdrawal date for this payment (s).



6. If you have changed the amount of the installments, check the client’s balance and apply the appropriate operation, if it is incorrect:

  • If the balance now shows that the CUSTOMER OWES you money but THEY SHOULDN’T, issue them a CREDIT. (Operations > $Add credit)
  • If the balance now shows that YOU OWE your customer money (the balance is in parentheses) but YOU SHOULDN’T, issue an INVOICE (Operations > $Add invoice)

Once all changes have been made, click on 


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