Changing your Client's Email Address

Has your client switched email providers? Read on for information on how to changer his/her email address.


Your clients can change their email address used for communications at any time by accessing the Members tab in their personal account. However, you can change the email for them as well. 


Changing the Email 

  • Under the Clients tab, search for the client in question and access his account
  • From the Account Members tab, open the Personal Info section for the desired client. There will be a field for the client's email


  • If at first you don’t see a field for the email address, set the drop-down Forms menu, at the top, to All. 

  • If there are required questions that have not been filled out in the forms, you will be required to answer those questions prior to saving your changes. 


Please note that it is not possible for you to change the client's username (email).

To do so, the client must access his personal Amilia account and make the change via the Settings tab

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