Making a purchase for your customers

  • Open the Clients tab to find the customer’s account.
  • Click on the blue tab 'Add Purchase', on top.

You will be directed to your online store and see a message in orange telling you that you are making a purchasing on behalf of this customer. All sections in orange are only visible to administrators.

  • Add items you want to purchase for your customer to the cart. This could be memberships, merchandise, activities and so on!
  • If you are finished with the purchases, click on 


  • To add additional items to the cart, click on 


Tip: Note that the administrators can bypass all the restrictions placed on activities, as well as the limited number of spots available. Make sure to check these before continuing.


At the next step, you can add fees or rebates by using the Add an item to the invoice form, located at the bottom.

  • Answer the questions on the form, if necessary. If some questions are tagged Admin optional, you may bypass them.

Select a Method of payment.

Tip: If you select Skip and pay later, an invoice will be created in the customer’s account with no payment. Note that this options is not available when you have selected the payment by installments. So you will need to choose to pay the full amount, but you will be able to go and add installments afterward in the invoice that has been created in the customer's account. 


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