How to customize your Amilia Online Store

Your Amilia Store is an extension of your business and it's important that it be reflected as such. There are several ways you can customize your online Store to give it that personal touch!  


 You can personalize your Store's:

  • Tabs;
  • Colors and background image;
  • Activity spots display;
  • Request for support.

Simply click on the Store>Customize tab and unleash your creativity! 


Customizing your Tabs

By default, Amilia will display your Store like this:



 Change the Title and order of your Store tabs via this menu:


  • Position:  Determine which tab you want to be displayed (first to last).
  • Title: Change the title of the tab (ex: edit "Merchandise" to read "Buy Stuff").
  • Type: The tab content cannot be changed.
  • Visible: If a tab isn't necessary, toggle the visibility so it no longer appears in your Store.


Colors & Background

You can change the colors and background image of your Store:


  • Color: Select any color from the palette. This will determine the color of your Store tabs as well as the Header block. There is a simulation image to demonstrate what it will look like. 
  • Background Color: Select any color from the palette. This will change the white background currently set as white by default.
  • Background Image: Select a jpg. file from your computer. This image will be displayed on the background which is currently set as white by default. If your image does not fill the entire background, you can still select a Background Color which will still be visible. 


Spot Availabilities

When a participant selects an activity, you can choose if and how you want the available spots for your activity to show.



Here is an example of what "Spots remaining" setting looks like. There are 4 available spots left in this activity. If you choose "Never Show", then the 'Available' field will not appear.



Request for Support

The Help Center is available to your customers at all times by clicking on the Help Center icon.                               

                                  Help Centerrequest_for_Help.png                  Support Support_button.png


You can choose to add a custom message (ex: phone number, operation hours) to the Help Center window.  Should your customer require assistance, they can click on the 'Support' button where Amilia will attempt to narrow their search by providing informative articles.  If their question remains unanswered, they can select to 'Contact your organization' which will forward their request directly to the email you provided in the Account>Main information tab.   




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