Create a New Facility

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Via the Facilities>Facilities subtab, click on New facility. There are 3 sections to fill out: 



  • Name (mandatory): Give this facility a clear, recognizable name (it is possible to provide an English name and a French name so that the facility information presented matches the user's preferred language).
  • Description: If needed, provide a brief description of this facility. This can be done in both official languages. 
  • Parent location: A parent location is a whole that can be split up into parts that can each be reserved separately.  
    • If it is possible to divide this facility into parts that will be reserved independently (for example, a gym separated into "mat 1" and "mat 2" or a pool split up into lanes, for example) OR if this resource is a whole that cannot be divided, select NONE. 
    • If this facility is a child facility, if it is a part of a greater whole ("mat 1" in the gym, for instance), select the name of the parent location in the drop-down. Note: Child facilities inherit their address information from their parent facility, this is why the Contact Information section remains grayed out until this facility's place in the hierarchy has been established.
  • Tags: If you are using tags (available under Account > Tags) and that you have already created some, you may now associate them with this facility.
  • Ledger code : As you've created Ledger codes under ACCOUNT > ACCOUNTING, you can link them to your facilities here.
  • Default price schedule: You can select a default price schedule to be applied to the facility.



Enter this facility's complete address. This is not mandatory but can provide great clarity for your customers. 

Note: Only parent locations have access to the Contact Information section. Child locations automatically inherit information provided about the parent. 



Provide this facility's opening hours. 

Note: Only parent locations have access to the Opening Hours section. Child locations automatically inherit information provided about the parent.


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