How to enter a manual reservation for a facility

Facilities can be linked to activities, but they can also be reserved manually, either for one-time or recurring events.

Go to Resources > Facilities.

Click on the  next to the facility you'd like to reserve.

The calendar for this resource is displayed.

NOTE: The calendar can be viewed as monthly, weekly or daily. Use the picker on the right to make a selection. 


There are two ways to select a time slot for your event: 

  1. Click on  at the top of the screen, or
  2. Click inside the calendar, at the desired time, and drag the mouse to select the entire time period you'd like to book.



 In either case, a new window appears you'll have in front of you three tabs. 


  • Facility: This drop down menu help you to review the facility in which you want to create the booking. It's a safeguard for you at the same time.
  • Recurrence: This section will let you adjust your event's schedule. It is mandatory, and a selection must be made here prior to saving the event.
    • None - This event will only occur once.
    • Every Day - This event will occur daily or repeat at regular intervals (for example, every 3 days). 
    • Every Week - Use this option to program an event that repeats from one week to the other (or at regular intervals, say, every 2 or 3 weeks). This can also be used to select irregular recurrences on specific days of the week (when an event takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, for instance).
    • Every Month - This option is perfect for monthly events or events that repeat at regular intervals every 2 or 3 months. 


  • Event Type: Select any preset type (these are programmed in Resources > Booking Types). For more information on customizing or adding booking types, please click here.  
  • Name: Every booking needs a name. Be informative - this is the name that will appear in the calendar. 
  • Description: Descriptions are always useful to specify the nature of bookings but they are not mandatory.


  • Conflict: This section let you verify if there's any conflict between your reservations.
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