How to link a facility to an activity

Once they have been created, resources and facilities can be linked to your activities. Once this is done, your activities will appear in the facility calendar, and other administrators will be aware that the facility is taken at that time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to linking a facility with an activity, you must ensure two things have happened:  

  • The activity must have a schedule.
  • The activity must have previously been saved in Amilia. (If this is a new activity, you must therefore save it BEFORE attempting to link it to a facility.)


Go to Activities > Edit.

Click on the name of the activity with which you'd like to link a facility. 

Scroll down to the Resources section.

Click on  and a new window appears.

In the drop-down menu, choose the facility where this activity will take place. 

A preliminary indication of potential conflicts will be displayed, but you must click on  and then check  to view precisely what is happening and potentially select a different facility for those occurrences only. All changes are saved automatically. 

Click on  when you are done making adjustments. 

Check  to make sure all the relevant information about this facility is displayed on your clients' invoices.

Don't forget to click on Save at the bottom of the page once you are done!

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