STEP 3: Creating Activities

Once you have created your Program, you can begin setting up the different activities your organization offers.

Activity Labels

Select the Category, Sub-category, Activity name, and Billing Label.

As an example:

A Category would be dance courses, while the subcategory would indicate a sub-group of those dance classes - for example, beginners. Therefore you would be able to differentiate between dance courses for beginners and advanced dance courses. 

Billing Label is used if you want to include a particular sentence in the client's invoice. If left blank, the Category, Sub-category, and Activity name will appear instead.


  • Normal - Viewable by all visitors and clients.
  • Hidden - Viewable only by administrators.
  • Cancelled - Use this to indicate if the activity has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Optional Information

If you wish to add any additional information regarding the, such as a description, prerequisites, and the name of the coach, you may do so here.


It is in this section that you enter the starting/ending date and time of your Activity.
If your event is recurring, check the Recurring box. You must choose the end date of recurrence or the number of times the activity is repeated. 

Note: A detailed schedule is important if you are to provide tax receipts or if you are planning on allowing drop-ins for your activities. 

You can also decide whether or not you want the schedule to appear in the invoice by enabling the available checkbox. 

Price and Available Spots

Under the Sessions and Drop-ins sections, you can determine the price of your activity as well as how many spots are available for registration. Keep in mind that the spots available in the Sessions section does not take into account the spots available for Drop-ins. That means you must keep in mind that if you have 10 spots available under Sessions and 10 more for Drop-ins, the total available spots for the class is 20.

Use this to determine whether the cost of this activity remains the same throughout its duration or whether it will be adjusted according to the number of days, weeks or months remaining in the activity.


If participating in your Activity requires a membership, this is the place to link them. If more than one membership is required, the participant will have to purchase at least one in order to complete the registration.


Required age
Indicate if there is a minimum/maximum age of registration.

Indicate if your activity is co-ed, male, or female only.

Indicate if taxes are included in the price or not. This is also the spot to indicate if the activity is eligible for any tax credits.


The Methods of Payment section allows to set what types of payments your organization accepts, as well as configure how recurring payments will work from a pre-compiled list.  

This section is read-only under the Activities page, but are configurable from within the organization settings.




creating an activity from Amilia on Vimeo.

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