Managing your Administrators & their Permissions

Assign your administrators and instructors the access levels they require so they can login to your back office.  


IMPORTANT: We're currently improving this feature! As a result, you may notice access level behavior that does not follow the grid below.  If you have any questions about an access level, feel free to contact us at  We look forward to unveiling the final product!


Anyone with an "Account Owner" access level can view, manage & edit every aspect in Amilia. "Account Owners" can also create and designate account access to other members of their team.

Add your Team Members

There are 6 different access levels to choose from to give each the tools they need to do their job! 

Via Account>Administrators you will be able to see who currently has access to your organisation, as well as their access level.


To add a team member, click on + Add new administrator.  You must include an email address, the name of the individual and the access level designated to the new user.   The user will receive an activation email  (if you don't receive it, let them know to check their junk inbox!) and will be able to create their own password to login and access the account. 

Here are the different access levels (User permissions) currently offered:

To Modify Access levels, click on the 'Edit' button. If you wish to edit your own access level, another "Account Owner" must do this for you. 

To Deactivate an account, or change the email of an existing account, you must click on Edit button and change the status to 'Deactivate'. Note that you cannot change email addresses of a user unless you first deactivate the user record-Save and then create a new one.  

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    Lisa Patreau

    Great Article. I believe that + Add new Record should read + New administrator

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    Stephanie Starchuck

    Your current User Permissions to not address restrictions for staff in the Rentals/Resources Modules. I would like to see restrictions for staff on such actions as: creating contracts, entering bookings, changing status of contracts, to name a few.

  • 1
    Kathy Roszman

    I do not like that I am put into a box with the Permissions set for each user.  I would like the freedom to pick and choose which permissions I give to each individual.  This is the case with another software that I have used in the past.  With all the customization that Amilia offers, I am surprised that this feature is not available here as well.

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    Kristin Rogers

    I agree with Kathy! 

    Not everyone falls neatly into the categories above. 

    I would like to be able to have someone able to enter in programming information but I don't require them to have access to financials of any sort. 

    I would like to see this customizable as well. Where we can determine what access we give someone. 

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