Managing your Administrators & their Permissions



  • Lisa Patreau

    Great Article. I believe that + Add new Record should read + New administrator

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  • Stephanie Starchuck

    Your current User Permissions to not address restrictions for staff in the Rentals/Resources Modules. I would like to see restrictions for staff on such actions as: creating contracts, entering bookings, changing status of contracts, to name a few.

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  • Kathy Roszman

    I do not like that I am put into a box with the Permissions set for each user.  I would like the freedom to pick and choose which permissions I give to each individual.  This is the case with another software that I have used in the past.  With all the customization that Amilia offers, I am surprised that this feature is not available here as well.

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  • Kristin Rogers

    I agree with Kathy! 

    Not everyone falls neatly into the categories above. 

    I would like to be able to have someone able to enter in programming information but I don't require them to have access to financials of any sort. 

    I would like to see this customizable as well. Where we can determine what access we give someone. 

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