Creating Merchandise

With Amilia it’s really easy to keep all your transactions in one place. The Amilia store allows your clients to add everything to their cart and pay for it all in one simple transaction; including merchandise and event tickets. That’s right, your clients will never have to jump from one system to another to purchase everything they want or need from you.

This also means all of your sales will be in the same place. You will no longer have to run multiple systems for registration and merchandising. This means less work, less training and less reconciliation for you and your staff. You won’t have to bend over backwards reminding them they need item X to participate. You can simply tie the necessary merchandise to the activity either making it mandatory with registration or a suggestion. Moreover, forget about training your clients on multiple systems. With Amilia, those days are gone!

The Basics

Merchandise & Inventory Management

If you don’t already sell merchandise, you will want to once you start exploring Amilia’s merchandise feature. Selling merchandise, uniforms, equipment or tickets is a great way to generate new revenue streams for your business. Amilia makes it easy to promote your items by suggesting them at checkout or making them mandatory with registration.

Adding Merchandise

To add merchandise or event tickets click “Store” on the sidebar menu. Click the blue “+New Product” button and enter your:

A) Description: add yourName, Description, Cost price (won’t be seen by client), Selling price, Taxes, Discounts.
B) Store Display: choose if you want to” Always show,” “Only show when it stock,” or “Keep hidden.”
C) Image: Don’t forget to add a picture! The “Thumbnail” is the version that will be shown in your “Merchandise” gallery and the “Full Image” is what your clients see when they click to see a detail view of the item.
D) Shipping: select your shipping options, Cost, Taxes.
E) Methods of payment: select your accepted methods of payment,
F) Inventory tracking information: Identifier - enter a SKU or any other identifier you use to differentiate your products, select an inventory tracking policy for the product and quantity.If you have variants, this section disappears.
G) Variants: If you have different sizes, colors, seat sections or table numbers you can set availabilities for each variant. If you are using SKUs, enter each variant’s SKU in the Identifier column.
H) Save: Don’t forget to click the save button at the bottom!
I) Mandatory Products: Is located under your product images. You can make any already existing products you have created a mandatory purchase with this product. Click “+Add a product” and a list of your products will pop up and you can select and add what you like.


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