Forms and Extra Questions

Your organization’s forms are an important part of using Amilia, as they are used to obtain information from your clients during the checkout process. Each of your programs must be linked to a form.

The questions you want to ask of your clients may not be the same for every program and/or membership– don’t worry, you can create as many forms as you like!  



Under Account>Forms, you will notice two existing Forms:

Adult Form: Intended for registering participants 18 yrs or older. 

Child Form: Intended for registering participants under 18 yrs of age.

Should your organization require only one Adult and one Child form, simply edit the names of the Default  Forms and customize the questions by clicking on Modify to the right of each form.

If you require multiple forms depending on the Program or Membership, click newform.jpg

Give the form a new title by editing the Name.

Choose to display the form for every purchase by selecting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If no, specify how often.

Each default question can be configured four ways:

  • Hidden: Question will not appear to clients
  • Visible: Question will appear to clients but does not require an answer
  • Visible Required: Question will appear to clients and they will have to answer it in order to checkout
  • Visible Required/Admin Optional: Question will require an answer from clients, but an administrator purchasing on behalf of the client is not obligated to answer it

 Hit save



Customizing doesn't end there! You can create your own questions to add to your Forms.

Via Account>Forms, click on Extra Questions. From this tab, you can create, modify and/or Remove existing Extra questions.  

To create a new question, click on 2017-04-06_16-15-33.png


Name: Choose a name for your extra question for use by your administrators.

Answer Type: Select an answer type for your question, (Ex: text, check box, or drop-down menu etc.)

LabelWrite the actual question that will be shown to your clients.

Validation: Decide if you'll to make this question visible, required, or admin optional.

Label positionDetermine the placement of your question in relation to the answer.

 Hit save!



Click on the name of the form to which you want to add the extra question. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click on  .

Select the question you wish to link to the form from the drop-down menu. You can create a new question by selecting ' Add'.

The order of Extra questions can be modified by using the arrows.

You can remove an extra question from the form by clicking on the garbage can to the right of the question. The extra question will still exist, but will no longer be linked to the form.



You can view and modify a participant's  responses to a registration form via the Clients tab in the client’s Account Members section. 

If a client is registered to an activity, admins can also access their Form information via the Activities tab by utilizing the operation menu and exporting the desired information.

Once a client responds to your questions, they can modify their responses from their User Account.



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