How to create a user account and access stores in Amilia?

In order to view and purchase the activities you want from Amilia, this article will help guide you through setting up your account and searching for any activity you like from the Amilia platform.


To create a user account, go to or click on Login (If you already have an Amilia Account).

 For first time users, after you've clicked Sign Up and entered your email, an activation email from Amilia will be sent to your inbox. (You should check your Junk inbox in case it ends up there). After you have verified your account and created a password, now it's time to login!

Via you will click on Login, enter your username (email) and password. This is what you'll see when you login to your Amilia account:

In order to buy things from the Club's Amilia Store, the FIRST STEP is clicking on the yellow FIND AN ORGANIZATION button.

You will be directed to the Amilia directory:

 Type in the name of the club you are looking for. When you've found it, click on it and TADAA! You are now on the first page of a Clubs' Amilia Store:

You may have to click on the STORE button first before you'll see the Club's programs.

The next time you login to Amilia, the club stores you've visited will have a QUICK ACCESS button that is easily seen on the first page when you login.



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