How to Pay a Balance in your User Account


Making a payment through your user account


1. Log in to Amilia and access your user account here

2. Click on the BILLING tab in the sidebar 

3. Select the appropriate organization from the drop-down menu. If you only use Amilia to transact with one organization, this company will be the default 

4. Click 'Make Payment" and a form will pop up to input your online payment information.

This option will only appear if there is in fact a balance owing and if your organization has enabled payments from the user account. If not, please contact them directly.




Each organization can choose if their participants can only pay their full balance or if they can make a partial payment. If the system won't let you edit the amount of your balance, you have to pay it in full or contact the organization directly.



The organization can choose if you can only pay your balance by credit card or if they accept e-checks. If so, the system will offer you this option. Contact the organization directly for any other arrangements.


 Once all your information are entered, click on 




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