Setting up the main information via the Account Tab

Setting your organization details is the first step to getting started with Amilia. Begin by completing the fields under the Account >Main Information tab.

To enter or edit your organization's details, click the Account tab, then on Main information. Most of this information appears on the front page of your online Amilia Store.


  • Name: This will be displayed as your official organization's name in your Amilia Store,the Amilia directory and all invoices, receipts and statements generated.
  • Main Language: The default language of your Store. Unless a client has specified a preferred language, automatic communications from your organization will be sent in your Main language.
  • Description: This information can be displayed on your store page, by clicking on Learn more about this organization.
  • Tags: Keyword tags should represent the main activities offered by your organization. They will be associated with your organization on the Amilia Directory and linked to search results.
  • Mailing address: This is the address that will be displayed on your Amilia Store and all communications with clients, including invoices/receipts. If your mailing address is different from your physical location, make sure to fill out the Location section, so that the mailing address appears on all your communications and the address in Location will appear in your Amilia store.
  • Location: The physical location of your business which will displayed in your Amilia store.
  • Other Information (Website, email, social networks): All this information will become available on your organization's page. Be sure to use a generic contact email ( NOTE: Remember, this email will be published and available for participants to contact you, as well as appearing as the sender and reply-to email when you send Communications.  

Click here to learn more about Communications.

 Hit  2017-03-09_12-12-27SUBMIT.png to Save!


 Now it's time to configure some other important parameters which will allow you to define the core of your organization's management options, such as your client base and enabling special Amilia modules. You can define these under the Options tab.


Click here to find out more about the Options Tab



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