Merchant Account & Processing Fees FAQ

Learn more about Merchant accounts & payment processing fees. 


Why does my organization need a merchant account with a payment processor?

Your merchant account is required for online payment processing. Any time one of your clients pays online by credit card or E-check, the payment is processed through your merchant account.


How do I get a merchant account?

The Amilia team will guide you on how to set up your Paysafe merchant account when you set up your Amilia account. Paysafe offers the ability to set up installment payments, reimburse client's directly onto their credit card, and more!


What are payment processing fees? When are they charged?

There are small fees associated with processing payments online. When your client pays online for an item, your merchant account provider transfers the funds from your clients to your merchant account, removes their processing fees, and deposits the remainder in your organization’s bank account. This is not to be confused with your monthly Amilia package rates. To view your payment processing rates, go to the Account>Billing subtab. 


How is the money deposited into my organization’s bank account?  How often are deposits received?

By default, Paysafe direct deposits daily into an Amilia organization’s bank account after batching all the transactions that took place that day. However, an organization can choose to receive monthly deposits. Contact us if you would like to request monthly deposits or contact Paysafe directly to discuss your deposit schedule.


 What happens to the payment processing fees when we issue a refund?

When you issue a refund, your merchant account provider will not charge you additional fees. However, they will not refund the fees paid for the original transaction. 


Is there anything we need to do with our merchant account after we have set it up?

Log in to your Paysafe account at any time to view a comprehensive breakdown of transactions processed through your merchant account, as well as fees removed. 


Click here to find out more about Amilia's fees and the Billing tab.


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