Setting up your Programs

Programs group together activities that share registration dates, registration forms, and registration confirmation information. Most organizations use programs to delineate sessions, such as Summer Camp 2015 or Recreational Gymnastics, Fall 2015. 


  • The start and end dates of your program must be before and after the start and end dates of the activities they will contain. This means if your Summer program begins on 2016/09/01, your activities can only begin on 2016/09/02. 
  • The forms you assign to the program will determine which questions your participants will have to answer. Make sure you select the correct forms! 
  • You can choose whether or not a program will be visible to your clients. If you make your program visible to clients and the registration start date has not yet passed, your participants will be able to see a list of activities offered in the program, but they will be unable to register. You can also add an access code which restricts participants from seeing the activities within the program if they do not provide the proper code. Both measures can be used simultaneously. 
  • The Important Information and Confirmation of registration messages are incredibly useful in providing your participants with information. For example, you could use the Important Information message to provide information on current promotional offers and the Confirmation of registration message to provide information on your cancellation/refund policy.

This 3-minute video will help you plan an efficient structure to present your activites, classes or events in your Amilia store.

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