Creating Discounts

Amilia can help you increase your customer loyalty (and sales!) by offering many discount options.


In order to choose which discount best suits your needs, carefully read the description, application, example, and instructions. It's important to be aware of a discount's behavior to avoid undesired consequences on your clients' invoices.

For information on each discount's behavior, please read: Discounts: Description and Features

NOTE: If an activity, product and/or membership is associated with several discounts, all discounts will apply. If the cost of an item reaches $0, no further promotions will be applied.


Via the Discounts tab, click +New discount:

  • Select which type of discount to create. More options provide additional discount types. 
  • The fields to configure will depend on the type of discount you select. 


  • The discount's Name is visible on the client's invoice when the promotion is applied. 
  • Define the Rule of your discount. Some discounts allow you to add multiple rules. 

  • Add the eligible items for the discount. Select the category in the dropdown menu, then Add. You can add multiple item types if necessary. Some discounts have varied eligible item types. 
  • Scroll further down the discount to see the listed items and specify which are eligible from each type you added.  

  • Click the Plus_icon.png icon to expand lists if required. On the right side, Add individual items or Add All to select items in batch.
  • To remove an added item, hover over it and click on Remove. Items are removed individually.
  • Repeat these steps for every item type (if required). 


  • You may Add Criterion (optional) to the discount. This means the discount is only eligible on eligible items if the selected criterion is met. Select a type and click Add. Scroll further down the discount to configure each criterion selected. Some discounts have varied eligible criterion. 

  • Save when finished. 



  • You cannot apply a discount on an item priced at $0. These items will not be offered in the list of eligible items.
  • We suggest that you run test purchases (without paying) in order to ensure your discounts are applied as expected.
  • You cannot delete a discount if it has already been used. You may deactivate it. We suggest creating a discount for each activity, even if it is repeated.
  • To learn which amounts were awarded in discounts and other details related to these, run the Summary of awarded discounts and fees report, located under the Finance and reports>Accounting subtab.



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