Creating Promotions

In order to choose which promotion best suits your needs, carefully read the Description, Application, Example and Instructions, so you don't make a mistake. This could have undesired consequences on your customers' invoices.

You use this documentation as a reference to make sure you are applying the correct promotion: Promotions: Description and Features

NOTE: If an activity, product and/or membership is associated with several promotions, ALL PROMOTIONS WILL APPLY. If the cost of the activity, the product and/or membership reaches the cost of $0, promotions will no longer apply.

How to proceed:

Go to the Promotions module and click on the  tab.

Select the desired promotion type in the dropdown menu. Note that you can see more options within the menu by clicking on More options.


1. You can start by naming your promotion in the Name field. Note that your customers will see this name on their invoice when the promotion is applied.

2. Next, save the Rule for this promotion. For certain types, i.e. Combo, you may add as many rules as you wish, by using the  tab. You can also select if you would like this discount to be made by percentage, or by dollar amount

3. You must now add the items eligible for this promotion. Select the category in the dropdown menu, then click on Add.

You will now be redirected to the list of all items possibly eligible for this promotion, for the selected category (activities, memberships, etc.)

To add an item, drag your mouse over the right side of the list, then click on the   tab which will appear. You may also click on the  tab to add items in batches.

To remove an item which was added, click on the orange  tab which appears when you drag your mouse over the item.

Repeat these steps for every item category.

4. Optional: You may also Add Criterion to the promotion, if you wish.


Important Notes: 

  • You cannot apply a promotion on an item priced at $0. These items will not be offered in the list of eligible items.
  • We suggest that you always run test purchases, without paying, in order to make sure that your promotions are applied accordingly.
  • A promotion cannot be deleted if it is already used. If needed, you may deactivate it. We suggest that you create a promotion for each activity, even if it is repeated.
  • To learn which amounts were awarded for promotions and other details related to these, run the Summary of awarded promotions report, which is located under Finance > Reports.
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